My computer says something error on internet what can i do?

Answer Restart or format this computer .

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If you search something on iPhone on the Internet would the company know what your watching?

No but they do record everything you say to Siri ._____.

What is "Beyond The Network America" Is it a internet service provider, or something more subversive?

BTNA is a Ukrainian operated spammer-friendly/spammer-operated service. More and more carriers are refusing to peer with them due to the amount of spam that emanates from their IP ranges. Most bu... Read More »

Whats Wi-Fi is it free internet or something?

Wi-Fi or wireless lan is a way of receiving the internet wirelessly (without cables) you can only receive free WIFI when you are in a wireless enabled place like McDonald's or on a train. otherwise... Read More »

How to Forget Something Horrible You Saw on the Internet?

Have you seen something so horrible, so vile, so freaking disgusting that it has plagued your mind for a day, a week, a month or more? Maybe this article will help.