Say something completly random ! ! !?

Answer Im in love with my best friend and he doesnt knw

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Give me something really random (but passable) to try and find on ebay?

How about a real blue rose?Not sprayed, not dyed, but actually blue!And contrary to common belief, as of 2004, they do exist.Good luck! Let me know if you give up and i'll give you a link.

I get random bruises on my there something wrong with me?

Well that happened to me, believe it or not. My strep throat was never completely "cured" and I ended up getting some disease called HSP. (I dont know what it stands for). But it was really bad,... Read More »

I want to make a slide show about something random can you give me ideas?

If you're looking for ideas, try the following website:http://www.instantimagers.comThey have video loops with titles you can use as intros. Make a slideshow based on those video loops. You can d... Read More »

What is that show where people get random funny questions and have to ask random people walking the streets the questions?