What is something called Wikipedia and do you need a membership?

Answer is totally free to is an encyclopedia source with thousands of articles and resources written by ppl...if u want, u can become a member to write and edit articles of ur own...

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Why is Wikipedia called Wikipedia?

wiki-A collaborative website whose content can be edited by anyone who has access to it.(So basically meaning anyone can edit the page of a subject) (just look for "edit" and you can edit the page)

Why is the wikipedia section on Yahoo answers only answered by people who hate wikipedia?

There are three main reasons that people will attempt to contribute to an information service like Wikipedia or Yahoo! Answers.First, there are people who contribute because they genuinely want to ... Read More »

Why must all Yahoo! Answers about Wikipedia conform to a favorable opinion about Wikipedia?

On a personal stance, I'm relatively fond of your answers. They're witty, critical, and are balanced (perhaps unintentionally) with humor and seriousness. Unfortunately, the Wikipedia section is ... Read More »

Why do so many Wikipedia admins assume that all critics of Wikipedia are "banned former users"?

Because it's the easiest way to discredit critics. Wikipedians are lazy like that.It's like someone gets kicked out of the Army and then they start criticizing the military every chance they get. W... Read More »