How to Get a Sweet Girlfriend?

Answer Every girl loves a guy who's sweet to her. Yet some guys have no idea how to act, smell or talk appropriately around girls like. Is this you? Then read on!

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How to Be Sweet to Your Girlfriend?

So, you've finally asked the girl of your dreams out, and she said yes! After a few great dates, the relationship is official! You've got the girl. Now all you must do is figure out a way to keep her!

How to Text Your Girlfriend?

So you got the perfect girl and you don't want to mess it up. If you are here you probably don't have a whole lot of experience with girls. Here is an article that has tips to help you start up a c... Read More »

How to Text Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend in a Long Distance Relationship?

Sometimes people meet others and fall in love. They have a great relationship until one of them moves away. How do they communicate over long distances? TEXTING!

Can you call your cell phone company and track down text messages. My girlfriend thinks her husband might be?

well if the government can do it ,i'm sure you can call your cell phone company and request the information. a text is just like a regular call it send s signals so it can be done.