What are some random (but cool words)?

Answer I've always liked "Oxymoron"contradictory terms combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

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What are some weird/random stuff about yourself?

I have a VERY sensitive weird bump in my calf muscule. If you squeeze it, it hurts MORE than squeezing a testicle!When I go to the doctor, they say, oh its nothing, you will be fine, although I th... Read More »

What are some things that can cause random twitches in your body?

There are many things that could cause this but here are just some of them. Alcohol or drug withdrawel. Epilepsy. Anxiety. Nerve or Muscle disorders. Multiple Sclerosis. Many neurological disorders... Read More »

What do you think are some of the major misconceptions people have about cancer (Plus a random side note)?

OMG!!!!!You are Lars friend aren’t you?I have wondered what happened with you. I am so glad to hear you are doing well.EDIT: Yes of course it is okay. I just added you too. Please tell Lars I sai... Read More »

SOME RANDOM CREEP IS TEXTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Probably wrong number. Just text them back saying that it's probably the wrong number.