What is recent news on the sixth season of American Idol?

Answer Breaking news:american idol is retarded! O0o

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Recent news on autism and connections to immunisations?

I'm with you, vaccines do NOT cause autism, anyone who still thinks so has been duped. If they did, there would be an awful lot more cases. It had to do with the genes and thats that, i beleive. ... Read More »

Can you set your facebook news feed to ALWAYS show most recent?

On the facebook homepage i.e; news feed you just have to select "Most Recent".Once you have sorted it to "Most Recent" news feed will show up latest update accordingly.You need to set the preferenc... Read More »

Want to share some baby dust and some news (along with a pic)!!!!!!! :-D?

Congratulations!! I had an early miscarriage in October 2008, and I was SO nervous when we got pregnant again. Everything was fine though, and my baby girl is now a chubby 3 month old. :)Hugs!!

What are some recent policies that have affected the us market?