What is some good modern music is play during nap time at a daycare centre?

Answer Our program is hooked on the CD, Play To Rest. Recently our CD seemed to acquire feet, because it walked away. Needless to say, the staff and children were devastated. I totally lucked out when ... Read More »

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Hello,eveyone: I really need a good,decent,safe and affordable daycare (home or centre) etc for my 1 year old.?

You should contact your local Child Care Resource And Referral agency, and the county licensing agency, ask for a list of providers.Call and phone interview the providers.Do a visit during operatio... Read More »

Can I set my iPhone to play music and shut-off after a set amount of time?

When the CD sticks do you bang the music centre?

I ususually skip the track or take the disc out and clean it, then try again.

Difference Between Classical Music & Modern Music?

Classical music and modern music differ in many key ways. The most obvious way is their respective time periods. Classical music is typically considered music made before the 19th century, whereas ... Read More »