What is some good lip gloss?


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What's a really good lip gloss?

my friend has the victorias secret beauty rush one, and its really nice, quite sticky tho. clarins lipgloss is really nice, but my personal fave is the lancome juicy tube - gorgeous!hope u find one... Read More »

Not sticky Lip gloss Any Good brands?

Neutrogena has a good gloss with just a hint of color.

Best lip gloss that tastes really good, hydrates, and is non-sticky?

lip smackers is good!i love the squeezy pink lemonade one!u shod get it so u smell good and whoever ur kissing will taste something good!it hdyrates wiked good (i use it as chap stick and it tastes... Read More »

How good is kodak photo gloss brilliant paper?

On One Hand: Historic CompanyKodak has been providing photo printing solutions since 1888. Although Kodak originally produced film and paper optimized for traditional chemical photography, they hav... Read More »