What are some of the best remedies for a hangover?

Answer lol..25th-ish...ha...well...someone once told me that the magic dragon cures nausea from i would puff some of that... but if thats not your style then i used to do something that i wo... Read More »

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Good hangover remedies?

I dont think their are any 100% cures but I always take two tylenol before i pass out and two when i wake up seems to help for me but sweating it out is really the best way but who wants to do that... Read More »

Is there any good home remedies for a hangover ?

Take one shot of whiskey and a hot shower. The whiskey will dull the headache, and the shower, aside from making you smell better, will actually make you sweat some of the toxins out. Also drink so... Read More »

What is some good home remedies for the flue?…That should help you.Yay, you're coming back!

What are some good home remedies for a sore throat?

Hi StarMoon...At the very start of a sore throat its a good idea if you can get hold of some to take Zinc/Vitamin C (combined) lozenges. This may hopefully stop anything further developing, insha'A... Read More »