GIVE ME SOME OF your SLANG car words .?

Answer Here are some...Boss, Cherry, Chopped, Circus Wagon, Deuce Coupe, Flipper, Grocery Getter, Hot Rod, Lead Sled, Port Holer, Skuzz Bucket, T-Bucket and Woody Wagon!

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Anybody know some good slang terms for "drunk"?

sloshedsmashedfaced****facedpissedhammeredplasteredfalling downvery happymessed up****** upmelted86ed3 sheets to the windbeltedbentbetty boopedblitzedbombedinebriatedkerschnickeredout of one's gour... Read More »

What are some french children's shows?

What are some typical french foods?

oh i can help u here!!!croque monsiercrepesquicheclafoutiescargotcroissantbriocheilles flotanttartinepatehmmm i cant remember more right now, sorry serious blank but i hope that helps

What are some good French meals?

Some Typical French Meals are:Sirloin steak with pepper Spring veal with new vegetablesSliced fillet of chicken with roquefort sauceTomatoes stuffed with goat's cheeseTurket stuffed with chestnutsT... Read More »