What is soldering?

Answer Soldering is the process of joining two pieces of metal together by melting them with a tool, called a soldering iron, that is electrically heated. A solder is used to actually fuse the different m... Read More »

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What type of soldering iron is used for soldering jewelry?

Choosing the right type of jewelry soldering iron depends on the material with which you choose to solder. "Soft Solder" (or tin-based) can be heated with a simple fine-tipped electric soldering ir... Read More »

What Is a Soldering Gun?

A soldering gun is a tool with a pistol-like shape that uses electricity to heat a tip that is used to melt and join metals such as tin. A soldering iron is wand-shaped tool that can also be to joi... Read More »

What is soldering used for?

Solder is used in electronics to provide both a mechanical and electrical joint to keep components of a circuit in place. In plumbing, it is used to make water-tight bonds between sections of metal... Read More »

Is soldering like welding?

Soldering and welding are both means of fastening two metal pieces together. Welding uses heat to melt the edges of the two pieces to fuse them together, and soldering uses a third substance to cre... Read More »