When solar flares increase solar wind from the corona, what do they cause in the earth's atmosphere?

Answer When solar flares occur -- bursts of solar energy emerging as wind -- the earth's magnetic field is affected by the solar wind. Particles in the wind interact with oxygen and nitrogen in the earth'... Read More »

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What is the speed of the solar wind?

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the speed of the solar wind varies according to its location. It is almost 500 miles per second (mps) over dark areas in the corona ... Read More »

How fast is the solar wind?

Solar wind is a torrent of charged particles-- mostly electrons and protons--that is ejected from the sun's upper atmosphere. Solar wind varies in speed: Slow solar wind has a velocity of 400 kilom... Read More »

Does solar energy cause wind?

The sun bathes the Earth in heat and light energy. This heat warms everything on Earth, from the ground to the gases that make up the air. The differences in temperature from this heating cause win... Read More »

Tax Incentives for Solar & Wind Homes?

The sun and the wind are sources of clean, renewable energy. Operating costs for either technology are very low. For homeowners considering alternatives to traditional energy sources, the biggest o... Read More »