What is soil salinity or salination?

Answer The salinity of soil refers to the amount of salt in the soil. Soil sallination is when soil becomes more salty as a result of water movement in the soil usually as a result of irrigation.

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What is a salinity gradient map?

Just breaking down the words, here's a reasonable guess. Salinity is having salts. Gradient is different amounts. A map would show you where. So I guess you are looking at where the greatest amount... Read More »

What is the effect of salinity on currents?

Currents are driven by a number of factors, including salinity. More saline water is heavier and tends to sink. Salinity differences help drive currents deep within the ocean.Salinity LevelsEvapora... Read More »

What is the average salinity of sea water?

Seawater averages a salt content of 34 to 37 parts per thousand (ppt). 35 ppt translates to 35 pounds of dry salt in every 1,000 pounds of water, making it a 3.5 percent salt solution. The specific... Read More »

What is the right salinity for saltwater tanks?

To function properly, a saltwater aquarium must contain adequate levels of salt, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. If an aquarium's salinity is too high or low, the fish and invertebrates in t... Read More »