What is softwood made of?

Answer Softwood is just normal wood from a tree, but it's only wood from certain types of trees. All the pine and fir trees are softwood trees (conifers) and the leafy trees like oaks and maples (deciduou... Read More »

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How do I take softwood cuttings from ivy?

Prepare CuttingCut a 4-to-6-inch-long piece of stem (including the tip) from a healthy ivy plant, preferably in summer (choose new growth). Use clean pruning shears or a sharp-bladed knife. Keep t... Read More »

How do i propagate softwood cuttings?

Cutting SelectionEnsure that the parent plant from which you take the cutting is at the softwood stage by bending over a section. If the bent section of plant snaps, then it is at the appropriate s... Read More »

What Do the Different Grades for Softwood and Plywood Mean?

The American Plywood Association (APA) classifies plywood, a softwood, by quality from A to D. The better the grade, the fewer defects in the surface. Higher grades contain a few patches which repl... Read More »

Where does softwood lumber for construction come from?

The bulk of the softwood lumber (mainly pine, spruce and fir) used in the United States is imported from Canada, as the U.S. producers cannot fully meet consumer needs.References:Foreign Affairs an... Read More »