What is soft scoop ice cream?

Answer Soft scoop ice cream, more commonly referred to as soft serve, was invented in the 1930s but is still a frozen treat enjoyed today.TextureSoft serve is generally lower in milk-fat than regular ice ... Read More »

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How to Scoop Ice Cream?

Have you ever watch a professional scoop ice cream? Does it impress you so much that you want to emulate this extraordinary task? This article will show you how to do just that, allowing you to imp... Read More »

Who invented the ice cream scoop?

The ice cream scoop was invented by Alfred L. Cralle in February 1897. Alfred noticed that although ice cream was highly popular, it was difficult to serve. Thus, the scooper was created. Cralle's ... Read More »

If I washed my Pampered Chef ice cream scoop in the dishwasher will it be ruined?

It seems that the liquid in the scoop is made to somehow transfer the heat of your hand throughout the scoop making it warm enough to slide through even hard ice cream with ease. The properties of ... Read More »

Does EKEN Whey Protein have a scoop Ive spent ages looking for a scoop inside the container?

Look at the serving size and see if it measures in scoop. If it does its probably somewhere in there. Last time I spent 30 minutes trying to get n.o xplode scoop out. Most powders include a scoop s... Read More »