What is sodium silicate found in?

Answer Sodium silicate is a liquid or powder that contains dissolved glass, made from sand and soda ash. It is found in ceramics, concrete, metals, enamelware, glazes, paints, foundry molds, cements and l... Read More »

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Sodium Silicate Toxicity?

Sodium silicate, also known by its scientific name, sodium metasilicate, is a chemical with various applications. Generally, this chemical is used as a binder and to prevent corrosion. Sodium silic... Read More »

Sodium Silicate for an Engine?

Sodium silicate (SS) has long been used to seal driveways, set clothing dyes, preserve food and seal small cracks in engine cooling systems. However, the modern "cash for clunkers" program has help... Read More »

Where is Sodium Silicate Made?

Sodium silicate, or water glass, was and is originally made by PQ Corporation in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It began producing it in 1861, and called it "silicate of soda." It's an inorganic chemical m... Read More »

How to Make a Sodium Silicate Solution?

Sodium silicate, also known as "liquid glass," as a versatile and widely used solution. Sodium silicate is known as liquid glass for good reason: When the water it is dissolved in evaporates away, ... Read More »