What is the chemical formula of sodium&chloride?

Answer The chemical formula for sodium is Na, and the chemical formula for chloride is Cl. Together these two form NaCl, which is also known as salt, according to the Chemical Formula Organization.Referen... Read More »

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What chemical is formed by adding sodium chloride to acetic acid?

Can I use sodium chloride to clean my ear piercings?

You clean a piercing with sea salt soaks twice a day and keep doing it for the whole healing period. Warm water (8oz) + non iodized salt (1/4 teaspoon) mixed in a cup. Soak the piercing in for 10 m... Read More »

How is Sodium Chloride Harmful to plants?

Sodium chloride (table salt).Adding this to the soil around a plant changes the osmotic potential of the soil around the plant (as well as the pH), preventing the plant from being able to absorb wa... Read More »

Strontium Chloride & Sodium Carbonate?

Strontium chloride is the water-soluble chloride salt of the alkaline earth metal strontium. Sodium carbonate is the salt of the alkali metal, sodium, with the very weak carbonic acid. Strontium ch... Read More »