What is so healthy about an apple?

Answer Low in calories but high in nutrients, apples are powerhouses of nutrition. Whether eaten raw or cooked into sauces and pies, apples are one of America's favorite and most nutritionally valuable fr... Read More »

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Is a green apple just as healthy as a red apple?

it's more then red vs. green, since there are 2,500 varieties grown in America and 7,000 on the market right now in the world.Green takes longer to convert to sugar, one reason I like them best. S... Read More »

How to Make a Healthy Cinnamon Apple?

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What about soy products is healthy?

The soy plant, a member of the pea family, produces beans used to make products such as soy milk, tofu and tempeh. Soy contains a variety of beneficial components, including fiber, protein and isof... Read More »