What is so good about myspace?

Answer no idea i think most people use it because their friends have it so they have one tooand some people use it to meet new people

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What would be a good MySpace song for my MySpace?

Myspace: Good or Bad?

well in my opinion..i think myspace is great. it really depends what kind of stuff you put on your myspace that might get you raped or murdered...and its really unlikely that,that would happen. i w... Read More »

How to Make Myspace 3.0 Look Good?

Ok then, so as you probably know or will find out that the new my space 3.0 profiles are abit... ERM... rubbish? And doesn't suit peoples needs for example if they have a lyt site, or a fansite... ... Read More »

Do you thnk myspace is good or bad.?

dependswhat do you get off having myspace