What is so bad about running away?

Answer Are you kidding? For one if your running because you are mad at your parents, then you are by yourself, there are psychos, life is hard, and you can't find a place to live, food in your stomach, or... Read More »

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What can-I do about my 13 yr old keeps running away from home?

If they get out let them run away so then you can call the cops and tell your kids they can get out of jail by making them to stop running away.

Any good songs about running away?

What is the consequences of running away at the age of 16 in worcester mass?

Answer Changing your life forever. Is it the only answer??? If someone is hurting you, no matter who they are, runnign will not help in the long run. Contact the auhtorities. If they are hurting y... Read More »

What is wrong w/me my heart is running details plz.?

YOU NEED TO TELL YOUR MOM AND HAVE YOUR HEART CHECKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Who cares what the reason is???? There's a problem that needs evaluation. Your height and weight r... Read More »