What is so bad about peeing in the shower?

Answer It's only "bad" because society says so. What people don't know can't bother them! At least you're not peeing on a public sidewalk.

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Is peeing in the shower normal?

only without clothes.......It's weird...............

If you catch your kids peeing in the shower, do you say urine trouble?

peed on myself over that one .. funny !!urine trouble for making me laugh so hard ... hey .. stop marking your territory .. bad moose !!

Question about peeing on my garden & compost pile---?

if you intend to use urine, be sure to dilute it with water before use on garden or compost.... your meds won't interfere..... plants don't have the receptors for blood pressure meds.... etc....

Is it normal to have a sharp pain in your pelvic area in the middle of peeing and then stop peeing if your pregnant Is this a sign of tubal pregnancy?

Answer That sounds more like a urinary tract infection. You should probably see your doctor so that you can clear it up. It won't clear up without antibiotics.