What is so bad about genetically modified food?

Answer The main concern people have is the ethical concern, and then we all have a really good reason to not trust that these foods are safe. Why? Because they are brought to us by Monsanto, which also an... Read More »

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Is genetically modified food better to use in Canada?

(Please note that the question asks for an opinion; therefore, the responses given below contain personal views, not factual information.)Never Better GM Foods Genetically modified food is NOT bett... Read More »

What is the Canadian government's action on genetically modified food?

Canada has been one of the four countries that were most known for commercial production of genetically modified canola, cotton, maize and soybeans. The other three countries have been Argentina, C... Read More »

My nutrition teacher is failing me because she's brainwashed to think that genetically modified food is good!?

I know the battle you are facing. It is monstrous. Big money doesn't talk, it SCREAMS. Monsanto is a terrible, terrible company that has profit over health as their mantra and is one of the comp... Read More »

How are cos genetically modified?