What is so bad about Plasma Tvs?

Answer First, I am astonished by the moron that actually said a plasma needs to be recharged. Both TV's are great, plasma is really difficult to make in the small sizes, the smaller the TV the smaller the... Read More »

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A question about plasma tvs?

I've had one for three years and haven't had a problem with mine. On the weekends it stays on all day. I do know that if you hook up some game systems you should do that because it will burn into... Read More »

How to Learn About Plasma TVs?

This is an article on the benefits of plasmas.

What does plasma have to do with a plasma TV?

Plasma is used in plasma screen televisions as it can be manipulated to show different colours.

Question about Plasma Screen TVs?

The resolution really matters when you are closer to the TV. If you are sitting farther back, you won't be able to tell the difference. Also, we just bought a new JVC 42" HD LCD with 720p. It is fr... Read More »