What is so awesome about being a twin?

Answer The fact that everyone stares at you all day, who needs to be famous when you have real life paparazzi on your case! lol people ask you all sorts of dumb questions you hear each others t... Read More »

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How to Survive Being a Twin?

Are you a twin? Having a twin sibling can sometimes be annoying which is understandable but if you are able to tolerate and look past the downside, being a twin can be a blast.But remember they are... Read More »

How to Be an Awesome Girl Without Being Athletic?

Do you just know that you are totally awesome? Do people not seem to realize that because you are not a jock? This is for all of those non-athletic "losers" who have major awesomeness and are ready... Read More »

My parents won't stop lecturing me about being vegan!!! They think I'm being too extreme. what should I do?

You need to have a more general discussion about how you all work together to make decisions. And in that process you absolutely respect their opinions and ideas, but there are times when you may n... Read More »

What was unusual about the Monkees apart from being about a fake rock band?

The Monkees was one of a very few civilian ( which excludes service comedies) sitcoms that was not, in any sense about a family, and also one of less than a handful that oculd be called Musical Com... Read More »