What does it mean when my snot is green?

Answer Most likely a sinus infection

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How to Make Fake Snot?

This stuff is great to prank your siblings and it's perfect for Halloween costumes.

Why does my pee look like snot ?

It's called ovulation and it happens to everyone. It's your body releasing an egg. Even though you haven't started your period, your system is starting. You'll be having your frist period soon. Wit... Read More »

How to Remove Dried Snot in the Nose?

Excessive mucus on the nose is usually caused by infection or an invading pathogen, for mucus is usually created in response to invading germs. Some medications are also noted to create excessive ... Read More »

I have snot like stuff coming out of my vagina.?

Most women have clear, thick and stretchy discharge when they are ovulating. That happens in between two periods. So that's probably what's happening to you right now: you're releasing an egg from ... Read More »