What is snake oil good for?

Answer Snake oil is often used as a general term to describe any kind of questionable alternative medicine treatment without proven medicinal effects. Despite how the term is used, many still believe in s... Read More »

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Is lime good for a snake repellent?

Lime will not repel snakes. Neither will mothballs, sulfur, eggshells or any other home remedy. In fact, some may do more harm than good. For example, powdered sulfur can get under the snake's scal... Read More »

What is a good height for a snake boot?

The best height for a snake boot depends on your height and length of calf. Snake boots typically come in heights ranging from 13 to 19 inches. You would not want to wear a boot that restricted kne... Read More »

How to Keep Snake Skin in Good Condition?

Snakeskin is perhaps the epitome of the exotic fashion statement, whether found on boots, belts or other accessories. Lending a sleek look with its shimmery scales, the downside most people find in... Read More »

What snake is the mimic of the king cobra snake?

Snakes of the species Malpolon moilensis are more commonly known as false cobras. Although they are unrelated to cobras, the false cobra will produce a hissing noise and spread its neck in a cobra-... Read More »