What is smog caused by?

Answer Photochemical smog is caused by freons, the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, which allow water to condense on smoke particles. Industrial smog is created from burning coal or oil, w... Read More »

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Vehicle smog CA to another state, smog legal?

Can't speak for all states but in most if the car is classified as an antique (25 years old or more) it is exempt from smog requirements. California is one of the few exceptions. Not sure what othe... Read More »

What is the difference between a smog check&a smog test?

In California, the difference between a Smog Test and a Smog Check is where the inspection may occur. Drivers receiving Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) paperwork should pay particular attention t... Read More »

Where does smog come from?

Smog comes from a photochemical reaction in the atmosphere. Smog is generated through the mixture of sunlight with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that typically come from excessive automobile exh... Read More »

How to Get a Smog Check (USA)?

The US government has tightened automobile emissions standards because of increasing smog and air pollution. Check with your auto-repair shop or State Department of Motor Vehicles for local require... Read More »