What is small claims court like?

Answer Although small claims courts usually only deal with claims under $5,000, they can still carry all of the administrative hurdles of a larger case. However, most small claims cases are not very compl... Read More »

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What is small claims court?

Small claims court is used to claim small amounts of money or personal property the person believes was unfairly seized by another party. Called the "fast food" of the legal system by the American ... Read More »

What is small claims court for?

Small claims courts are a way for people to settle disputes involving small amounts of money or contractual obligations quickly and inexpensively. Although a claimant may consult with an attorney a... Read More »

What is a small claims court?

Small claims court is a court that handles cases between two parties as long as the monetary value of the case is under a certain amount. The judge determines the outcome of the case based on the e... Read More »

Who pays court costs in small claims court?

When a small claim is initiated, the fees are normally paid for by the plaintiff (the person making the claim). If the plaintiff wins the case the cost is recoverable; if he loses, then he will los... Read More »