My washing machine will not spin during spin cycle.?

Answer Next time include name and model of washer along with a good description of problem. As it is ==I would take a putty knife and "pop" the deck lid up. Look for your lid switch == do you see 2 wires ... Read More »

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Why does my Ge washing machine not spin on the spin cycle at all?

On the edge of the lid opposite the hinge there should be a small plastic pin. This pushes down of a switch that controls the spin. When you open the lid the spin stops so you can't reach in and ge... Read More »

What is a spin bike?

A Spin bike is a stationary bike used for indoor group cycling classes. They were created to allow for long, high energy bike rides indoors.ConstructionSpin bikes are built to mimic the feeling of ... Read More »

What does Sit& Spin mean?

Sit 'n Spin refers to a toy made by Playskool. It is made for children ages 1½ to 5 years old. To use it, a child sits on it and turns the center piece, which makes the seat spin. The toy helps a ... Read More »

At what speed should a CPU fan spin?

CPU fans vary in speed. The fan included with the retail-boxed Intel Core 2 Extreme processor spins at a maximum speed of 2900 RPM. Computer fans designed for near-silent operation often spin at mu... Read More »