What is single premium life insurance?

Answer A person can fully fund a life insurance policy by paying the premium with a single payment. This life insurance plan provides tax advantages and other benefits due to the policy being paid up.Defi... Read More »

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How to Buy Single Premium Life Insurance?

The traditional payment arrangement for life insurance is for the policyholder to make monthly or annual payments for the life of the policy. When you buy single-premium life insurance, it works di... Read More »

What is a waiver of premium for life insurance?

There are times when you need to continue paying for your life insurance policy, but the loss of a job due to a long term illness or disability makes that impossible. For those times, you might con... Read More »

What is a level premium term life insurance policy?

When people are looking to purchase term life insurance, they can opt for a level term life policy. This insurance plan provides a consistent premium payment amount throughout the life of the polic... Read More »

What is a flat extra premium on a life insurance policy?

Flat extra premiums are fixed-dollar amounts added to life insurance costs to offset an increased risk posed by the insured person. In most cases, flat extra premiums are only temporary and get rem... Read More »