What is simple syrup?

Answer Simple syrup, also called sugar syrup, is a mixture of sugar and water that is primarily used to sweeten cold beverages.TypesBasic simple syrup is one part sugar to one part water. Rich simple syru... Read More »

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How to Add Flavor to Simple Syrup?

A staple in every bartender's repertoire and used by many bakers, the addition of simple syrup introduces flavor into your food and drink. Just as the name imples, simple syrup takes less than 15 m... Read More »

How to Make Simple Syrup?

Simple syrup is a mixture of sugar and water. It is simple to make, using a ratio of 2 parts sugar to one part water. You can keep it on hand to use as a sweetener for coffee and tea, or as a base ... Read More »

Can you cook a simple syrup too long?

Simple syrup is simply sugar dissolved in water. You can make it by mixing two parts white sugar to one part water and letting it boil for about one minute. Don't cook the simple syrup too long, or... Read More »

Can simple syrup be made with Splenda instead of sugar?

Simple syrup can be made with Splenda instead of sugar. Use a 1:1 ratio (1 cup of Splenda to 1 cup of water) and dissolve the Splenda in boiling water. Allow to cool and then pour into a jar for us... Read More »