Are Similac with iron& Similac Advance the same?

Answer According to Similac brand manufacturer, Abbot Nutrition, Similac Advance is fortified with iron. The company no longer manufactures Similac with Iron, but does make Similac Advance, previously cal... Read More »

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What is the difference between Similac Isomil Advance& Similac Isomil?

Similac Isomil Advance and Similac Isomil are two soy-based infant formulas produced by Abbott Nutrition. According to the Abbott Nutrition product website, there are many differences between the t... Read More »

How to Mix 24-Calorie Similac?

Similac offers a line of formula designed for premature infants, including Similac Advance, Isomil and Sensitive. The formula provides 24 calories per fluid ounce and is fortified with iron to give... Read More »

How do I Use Similac Pre-Made Formula?

Similac offers two pre-made baby formula options in addition to the powdered varieties. These two options give busy parents more time for other things. While these options simplify things, they do ... Read More »

How big is a scoop in Similac formula?

Each scoop of Simulac formula measures out 8.7 g of formula. When mixed as directed, a 454 g can of powder will make approximately 115 fluid oz. of formula.Source:Walgreens: Similac Alimentum Hypoa... Read More »