What is silver-plated flatware?

Answer Silver-plated flatware is a type of flatware (forks, knives and spoons) that has undergone a process called electroplating or silver plating. This process allows an inexpensive material to be cover... Read More »

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Difference between silver plated and gold plated.?

The notion that gold plated cables are "more responsive" is nonsense. Your silver-looking connectors are most likely nickel plated. They'll work fine. Connectors do add a tiny bit of resistance to ... Read More »

What is a sterling silver plated tea set worth?

A sterling silver plated tea set is worth between $280 and $600. The prices vary depending on the style, which is usually stamped on the bottom of the set. The older the set, the more it's worth.So... Read More »

Does silver-plated jewelry tarnish?

Jewelry plated in pure silver does not tarnish. If your jewelry is plated in sterling silver, it is susceptible to tarnish because the copper in the alloy mixture will react negatively with oxygen.... Read More »

How do I clean& care for a silver plated tea set?

Make a PasteDissolve 1 tsp. of table salt in 1 cup of white, distilled vinegar. Turn the mixture into a paste by adding 1/4 cup flour. If it is still runny after adding the flour, add additional fl... Read More »