What is silver plate worth?

Answer On One Hand: Protective ValueSilver plate, or silver plating, is commonly used as a protective covering for many items ranging from musical instruments and electrical contacts to switches. Silver i... Read More »

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How to Distinguish Silver From Silver Plate?

Silver and silver plate can look almost identical at first glance. Even weighing items will not necessarily enable you to tell the difference between the two. Silver is more valuable than silver pl... Read More »

What does 1098 on a silver plate mean?

The number 1098 on a silver plate is a pattern number. The Benedict Manufacturing Company, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, manufactures pattern number 1098, as well as many other patterns. T... Read More »

What does ns on a silver plate stand for?

"NS" stands for "nickel silver," which is a copper alloy containing zinc and nickel. Some manufacturers use this alloy as a base material for cutlery and silverware because of its silver color. Unl... Read More »

How to Silver Plate Jewelry?

Plating metal items with a thin silver wash can give them a distinctive look characterized by a brilliant shine. But silver is also highly corrosive and, over time, once-glowing surfaces can turn d... Read More »