What is silver dead soft wire used for?

Answer Silver wire is a commonly used material in jewelry making. Silver wire is available in several grades of hardness, and is selected by jewelry designers on the basis of its suitability for use in sp... Read More »

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What wire is used in automotive wire harnesses?

Copper wire is used in automotive wire harnesses, selected for its ability to conduct current properly at a reasonable cost. Some higher end cars use copper wiring that is silver-plated.References:... Read More »

What size wire is used to wire a house?

The most common type of wiring used in houses in the Unites States is called Romex, and is technically known as NMD 90. This cable is typically white and houses two conductor wires and a bare groun... Read More »

What type of silver wire should I use to make earrings?

On One Hand: Sterling silver Is Best for Most ProjectsFor most beaded earring designs with visible wire, sterling silver wire is best. Sterling silver is a combination of silver and copper, making ... Read More »

In what direction do electrons flow through a cross section of silver wire?

The free electrons of the wire's silver atoms flow parallel to the wire's edge and towards the region of higher voltage to which the wire is connected. Free electrons are those that are not bound t... Read More »