What is a silica crucible?

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What happens if you swallow silica gel?

Silica gel often comes with products that need to keep dry, such as shoes and some foods. Although the label warns of possible toxicity, swallowing silica probably won't kill you or do much damage.... Read More »

What does TL-TWA mean in relation to silica gel?

TLV-TWA stands for threshold limit value and time weighted average. According to The Linde Group, this indicates "the time-weighted average concentration for a normal 8 hour workday and a 40 hour w... Read More »

Does horsetail contain any silica?

Horsetail contains 5 to 8 per cent silica in the stems. Horsetail is native in certain locations including North America, northern Asia, northern Africa and also Europe. It prefers moist, shady hab... Read More »

Can silica gel travel through air?

Silica gel is a granular form of silica and acts as a desiccant, or drying agent. It does not necessarily "travel" through air, however the air immediately surrounding the material will be effected... Read More »