What is shortwave radio broadcasting?

Answer Shortwave radio broadcasting refers to radio broadcasts on frequencies between 1700-khz and 30-mhz. Radio broadcasts in this frequency range are notable for their ability to be heard thousands of m... Read More »

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How to Use a Shortwave Radio?

Shortwave radio, also known as high frequency (HF) radio, is considered by some to be the "first internet". Shortwave (3 - 30MHz) signals travel great distances (especially at night) and can be tun... Read More »

How long has shortwave radio been around?

Shortwave radio was first developed in the year 1919. In 1921, its abilities for long-range communication were proven with a transatlantic broadcast made to Paul Godley in Scotland by the Radio Clu... Read More »

Who invented the shortwave radio?

Heinrich Hertz discovered sending and receiving radio waves. Building upon Hertz's experiments, Guglielmo Marconi sent his first radio transmissions in 1896. Marconi continued his work and sent o... Read More »

Can you talk on a shortwave radio?

Shortwave radio is also known as ham radio. It's possible to talk on shortwave radio, but you'll need to obtain a license from the Federal Communications Commission. In order to become licensed, yo... Read More »