What is shisha made out of?

Answer Shisha is made up of a blend of tobacco, molasses and flavoring. Fruit-flavored shisha is most common, however dozens of other varieties are on the market, including mint, cappuccino and rose.Sourc... Read More »

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Why is my shisha pen flashing?

It's about to finish.. It only lasts 500 puffs

What is shisha smoking?

Shisha is the Arabic term for a Middle Eastern tradition that involves smoking tobacco with a water pipe. Shisha smoking is also called hookah in English or nargile in Lebanese.FunctionThe fruit-fl... Read More »

Can shisha cause cancer?

Yes especially if your using tobacco its actually worse then cigs as it pure tobacco avoid it if you can

How do you smoke shisha?

its almost like it, you need to inhale it, so suck on it and make it blow inside, then you have to make your face like one of those girls on facebook making a duck face, so make oyur mouth into a ... Read More »