What is shelled corn?

Answer Shelled corn is corn kernels alone--no cob, husks or other parts of the plant. Shelled corn is used as an environmentally friendly fuel source and can be used in modified stoves.FuelUnlike other en... Read More »

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How much does a bushel of shelled corn weigh?

The standard weight of a bushel of shelled corn is 56 lbs., according to the Department of Agronomy at the University of Missouri Extension. That yield equals 44.97 lbs. per cubic foot, a figure us... Read More »

How many acres are needed to grow a bushel of shelled corn?

The corn yield per acre of land varies depending on technology, climate, location and season. In 2007, the average production in Iowa was 171 bushels of shelled corn per acre of land, or 0.0058 acr... Read More »

How are peanuts shelled?

Manufacturers shell peanuts before turning them into peanut butter, peanut oil, roasted nuts or other peanut products. According to Good Earth Peanuts, only "about 10 percent of the peanut crop is ... Read More »

Are sunflower seeds shelled?

Sunflower seeds are not typically shelled prior to sale. The National Sunflower Association estimates that 25% of all sunflower consumption is in-shell (includes the shell); sunflower seeds are oft... Read More »