What is shared memory protocol?

Answer Using a shared memory protocol is one of several ways your computer can access a network server containing a database to manage the information stored there.FunctionYou can manage a database on a s... Read More »

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What are the down-sides of turning shared memory into dedicated memory?

personally I'd suggest you leave it on auto, with a mobile 630 nvidia GPU you're not going to be cranking the frames or resolution.What laptop graphics cards do is share the system RAM so you have ... Read More »

What is shared DDR memory?

DDR RAM stands for Double-Data-Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR RAM is hardware that a computer uses to make it perform faster. Shared DDR RAM means that the computer utilizes a b... Read More »

What is shared memory in Linux?

Memory sharing is a technique used by many Linux programs to allow a single block of allocated memory to be accessed by multiple programs simultaneously, conserving memory space and preventing redu... Read More »

Where is shared memory attached on Linux?

The Linux operating system uses a feature called Shared Memory in order to pass data between programs at a more efficient rate. The information relating to Shared Memory is in a virtual file calle... Read More »