Serenity is a continuation of the TV show Firefly but do you need to watch Firefly for Serenity to make sense or can it stand on its own?

Answer The film "Serenity" is considered a 'Stand Alone' film that can be viewed without any prior knowledge of the "Firefly" series . In so saying , the film is given greater depth and meaning if a viewe... Read More »

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What does the word serenity mean?

The word serenity is a noun. According to Merriam Webster, serenity is the quality or state of being serene. In this context, the word serene means to be calm, steady or quiet.Source:Merriam Webste... Read More »

What tattoo would you get to represent inner strength and serenity achieved in recovery from drug addicition?

AnswerI think that the Chinese symbol for serenity is a good idea. I am getting it on my wrist next month.

Who wrote the Serenity Prayer?

Theologian Dr. Rheinhold Niebuhr wrote the prayer to end a sermon on Christianity, though he admitted that the prayer may have existed for centuries. The prayer became a part of Alcoholics Anonymo... Read More »

How much money did"serenity"gross?

"Serenity," a movie that continues the story of the television show "Firefly," grossed nearly $10.1 million during its opening weekend in 2005. Its lifetime worldwide gross as of April 2010 was $38... Read More »