What is sepia tone?

Answer Sepia tone, or the "sepia effect," is a reddish-brown coloration of an image, often associated with old photographs. Like black and white images, sepia is monochromatic, meaning it is made up of of... Read More »

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How to Add Sepia Tone in Photoshop?

Adding a sepia tone to an image is an effective way to give a picture a weathered, old-time charm. A sepia tone includes a little more brown and a little more yellow than a normal picture does. Whi... Read More »

How can I make a sepia tone in PhotoDeluxe?

Typically, Adobe focuses on high-end graphics design software for professionals, emphasizing ergonomic design and flexibility. With PhotoDeluxe, they brought the same standards to the home market, ... Read More »

How to Sepia Tone a Black and White Print?

Have you ever wanted to make a picture look old-timey? Did you ever want to give the print you made a special touch? Well now you can!

What color is sepia?

Sepia refers to a range of colors that are used to tone photographs for dramatic effect, such as making them look older. The sepia color often is a form of brown or reddish-brown. Sometimes sepia i... Read More »