What is sepia photography?

Answer Sepia photography refers to specially created photos where the color is dark-brown. Sepia exists somewhere between black and white and color, often giving photos an old-fashioned feel.HistoryAccord... Read More »

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When did sepia photography exist?

Since the 18th century .Glad I could help .

What does sepia do?

According to homeopathy, the chief centers of action of the sepia remedy are those of the mind, mental processes and reproductive organs, upon which it is considered to act deeply over extended per... Read More »

What is a sepia pose?

Sepia is the photographic term used to describe a specially prepared print whose tone is dark brown. Characteristically, Sepia pose is distinctive in appearance and is often confused with old, agei... Read More »

What color is sepia?

Sepia refers to a range of colors that are used to tone photographs for dramatic effect, such as making them look older. The sepia color often is a form of brown or reddish-brown. Sometimes sepia i... Read More »