What is separation of duties?

Answer The organizational structure known as separation of duties serves as a fraud prevention method. By dividing the responsibility of a task between multiple parties, an organization discourages the ab... Read More »

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Separation of Duties Matrix?

Separation of duties is a concept that pertains to separating the duties of a function among different workers as a security and quality control measure. A separation of duties matrix is a kind of... Read More »

Separation of Duties Audit?

Separation of duties is an important part of internal controls within a company. Separating duties of employees prevents misuse of the company's assets and controls fraud within the company. Duty s... Read More »

DIY Separation Agreement?

Some states allow married couples to get a legal separation. While very similar to divorces, legal separations can be granted because the parties do not wish to get a true divorce or because they d... Read More »

What is the separation of power?

Ancient Greeks first practiced the political concept of "separation of powers," and the idea has great importance in modern democracies, such as that of the United States. The practice divides the ... Read More »