What is separate property in a divorce?

Answer In a divorce, all property owned by both members of the couple is categorized as either marital property or separate property. This must be done before the settlement can be completed and the asset... Read More »

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How to Understand when Separate Property Becomes Marital Property?

Before a person marries, all of his or her personal and real property belongs solely to him or her, unless it is intentionally titled jointly with another. Personal property includes furnishings, h... Read More »

What does a separate property state mean?

A separate property state is one that has not passed special community property laws that define certain properties as jointly owned by a husband and wife. Most states are separate property states ... Read More »

How to Divorce With Separate Bank Accounts?

One of the main causes of divorce disputes is the divorcing couple's individual and joint finances. While mediation and court hearings will determine a financial resolution to the divorce, there ar... Read More »

What is property division in georgia divorce law?

In Georgia, when the parties to a divorce cannot come to an agreement on how to divide their property, the Superior Court presiding over the divorce takes an approach known as equitable division. P... Read More »