What is a courtesy bus in a condominium?

Answer since its too far away from someplace, some condominiums provide a free bus service to nearby malls, train stations etc

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What does a courtesy clerk do?

Bagger, or Bag boy, is an unofficial title given to courtesy clerks at supermarkets. The primary duties of a bagger revolve around putting groceries into a bag and then into a shopping cart. Upon r... Read More »

A prisoner of war is obligated to maintain military discipline and courtesy and what?

How to Perform a Courtesy Pee?

Men and boys have an obvious advantage over women and girls when it comes to having to pee outdoors in semi-public or public places. Where men and boys can just find a wall or a bush and go, women ... Read More »

Job Duties of a Courtesy Clerk?

Courtesy clerks or baggers work at grocery and retail stores as customer assistants. The position requires good customer service and problem-solving skills as the environment is often fast-paced. C... Read More »