What is secondary insurance coverage?

Answer Secondary insurance acts as a supplement to a primary insurance policy, providing additional benefits after the primary insurance coverage has completed its obligations under the terms of the polic... Read More »

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What Is "Secondary Coverage" in Rental Car Insurance Coverage?

Secondary car insurance, typically provided by credit card companies, is coverage that is applicable after exhausting a motorist's primary insurance. The car rental company or the driver's primary ... Read More »

Can you designate the primary and secondary insurance coverage yourself?

Primary and Secondary Coverage No You can not. Which policy is primary is dictated by law and by the terms of your insuring contracts. The default is as follows.  Exact Same coverages on both poli... Read More »

Can you obtain a secondary health insurance policy for a child when the primary placement parent has the primary insurance coverage?

Answer Yes most definately! It does not matter who has "primary placement". It is based on which parents birthdate comes first in the year. If you were born Jan 3rd and the other parent was bor... Read More »

Can an auto insurance carrier designate their med payments coverage secondary to any other health insurance in CA as a result of an auto loss?

This is sticky, not sure what you mean by 'designate' secondary. Assume you are saying your health insurance has to pay first and med pay picks up what's left? Yes, in some states that is the pract... Read More »