What is seaweed good for?

Answer Seaweed adds its distinctive flavor and texture to meals while increasing their nutritional value. Eat seaweed alone as a snack food or incorporate it into recipes. People also use seaweed medicina... Read More »

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Is seaweed good for a garden?

On One Hand: It Is an Excellent FertilizerSeaweed contains seventy vitamins and nutrients helpful for plant growth. It also stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil. Seaweed improve... Read More »

Is seaweed salad good for you?

Of coures not. seaweed its self is but the salad no. dont eat it every day only a few times a week. hope this helps :D :P :)Seaweed is one of wonderful remedies. If you have the following health pr... Read More »

What Nutrients Are in Seaweed?

Used in sushi, shakes and green food supplements, seaweed's reputation is growing. Not just something that's found in the ocean, seaweed is also being recognized for its health and weight-loss bene... Read More »

What eats red seaweed?

The Siamese algae eater, or Crossocheilus siamensis is the only fish known to eat red algae. These fish are also known as Siamese flying fox and they are native to the Malay peninsula and Thailand... Read More »