Where can i buy scrapple near flint,mi.?

Answer try RUSTY'S over on 8mile

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How to Make a Scrapple Sandwich?

The scrapple sandwich is a quintessential breakfast food of rural, mid-Atlantic communities. Scrapple is a breakfast meat sold in 1 lbs. or 2 lbs. blocks. RAPA and Hughes are excellent brands of sc... Read More »

What is the main ingredient in scrapple?

Early Pennsylvania Dutch settlers developed scrapple. Frugal colonists added cornmeal and spices to liquid and pork trimmings left over from liverwurst and other pork processing. The mixture was co... Read More »

Is liver pudding scrapple?

Liver pudding and scrapple are not the same food. Liver pudding is generally calf's or beef liver ground into a sausage link or patty. Scrapple consists of pork scraps ground and mixed with cornmea... Read More »