What is a pashmina scarf made of?

Answer Pashmina scarves are made of cashmere wool, wool from changra goats, according to Travel India Smart. Pure pashmina scarves are made of 100 percent cashmere. Some pashmina scarves are made by blend... Read More »

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What is a men's scarf called?

A man's scarf might be called an ascot, which has wide ends that lie flat and overlap. A man's scarf might also be referred to as a neckerchief or cravat. Lace-trimmed cravats gained popularity dur... Read More »

What is the pope's silk scarf called?

The scarf that the pope wears around his neck is called a pallium, and is made of lamb's wool. Two pendants attached to it are actually lead covered in black silk.Source:New Advent: Form and Use of... Read More »

What is an appropriate width for a men's scarf?

In general, men's scarves are a bit wider than women's. A typical men's scarf is at least 5 inches wide, but can be wider, depending on the scarf wearer's preference.

In Scottish dress, what is the name of the scarf over the shoulder?

The scarf over the shoulder is called a plaid. A full plaid ends 11 inches above ground while a fly plaid is a smaller piece of fabric fastened with a brooch. Plaids are made from the same tartan a... Read More »